photo blog to end all photo blogs (or: catching up all in one blog)

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Is it just me or does MySpaz routinely suck between the hours of 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time? For crying out LOUD!

So I was reviewing my list of blog topics, and I decided to combine all promised photoblogs into one giant, for your viewing pleasure photoblog.

First off:

I mentioned I had cut my hair and colored it again. Voila:


That was all dressed up. Here’s with just woke up face:


Whaddaya think? I have been getting lots of nice comments about it, but seriously: I get this amazed look, then almost always, “Wow you look so GREAT! I’m used to the punk rock/crazy looking/rainbow colored (wtf?!?? Rainbow colored?!?) look! This looks sooo great!”

I get the impression that I looked like some sort of retarded assclown before. Now, people think I’m a prep or something. Is that term even used anymore? Sheesh! Plus it’s pretty short and I’m having a hard time feeling as feminine. I dunno. I like it, because I won’t have to dye it anymore and my poor hairs can recover from the monthly abuse I was delivering, but on the other hand…I kinda liked my punk look. Sigh. Growing up, I guess.

Okay on to the next photographical subject: LA.

As you may know, I traveled to LA last month. It’s been awhile since I was there, and I was looking forward to going. Work related, but I had made plans to meet up with the lovely Kristen and ubertalented Will. (not that they’re both not ubertalented and lovely, but I’m trying to spread the adjectives here.)

I traveled with my friend Mary, and before I ran out of batteries I managed to get a couple of shots in:

That’s where we got upgraded to first class. First time ever! Woot!


Oddly enough, someone actually stole the “X” from the “LAX” sign. Ballsy.

This was a very odd mannequin in a boutique window in Manhattan Beach. I was quite drunk and she was quite scary.

Myself and the aforementioned lovely Kristen. WAY too many good times. I really really really wish I would have had more batteries for my camera.

Let’s see…what’s next? What other photos am I supposed to expose your sensitive eyeballs to?

Here’s one of me and the beautiful 1N.

I looked through everything else and I see that I have already provided you with the wierd Canadian thumb, the first day of school, and the amazing human stork, so I think I’ll stop there. I have a couple other blogs I might crank out before I have to go to bed…we’ll see.

Hope you enjoyed!

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