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the incredible shrinking woman: week three

This week was not a banner week, friends.

I haven’t lost anything in the way of inches yet, which is disappointing because I really want to see the changes there rather than worry about my actual weight, but so far this week I lost another pound. I know, I know, I’m getting ahead of myself and expecting too much too soon, but darnit!

Earlier this week I did lose actually two pounds, but then promptly gained one back after two back to back STEAK MEALS! YUM! Sooo worth it. Plus, the Kid got sick with the damn chicken pox and I stayed at home from Wednesday on. Which, in turn, means that I did NO stair climbing other than Monday and Tuesday.

It has, however, become clear that the stair climbing is the key. I lost the two pounds after two days of doing that. So I need to get back into doing that this week.

I also bought a jumprope. Why I thought that a PVC jumprope that has spent the majority of its assembled life coiled up in a box would be a simple thing to make straight, I don’t even know, but to date it is still hanging over my door, waiting for gravity to do its work. I have taken exactly five skips on it, following which I whacked the Dog on the nose and spent the next half hour reassuring him that he wasn’t in trouble.

So…jumprope might be a lost cause.

I bought a yoga mat, though, and a strap which comes with a free yoga DVD. I tried yoga for a year after the Kid was born, and it worked really really well, I lost like forty pounds between that and the treadmill. Of course then I stopped and now six years later am back where I started. But it is something that I know I can do, and I enjoy, so I will continue with that.

I have also been pretty good with walking. I went on a long walk with PVDD on Sunday, all the way to Starbucks, and according to my pedometer I bought, doing that plus a walk around the lake is a little over 6500 steps. I did not walk today, though, and I have taken about 1800 steps. I need to get out more during the day. Especially when I consider that a good, healthy person should walk 10,000 steps a day. Ack.

I am happy to report in closing that I have STILL not given in to the Cheesy Poofs. However, I did try to cheat. Wouldn’t you know it, the day I decide I am going to treat myself to one little bag…they’re OUT! YES! Thanks are owed to the owners of the StarMart for keeping me on track.

This week’s plan: Stairs every day, and lose 3.5lbs to make up for the one I didn’t lose this week. Someone remind me to take my walking shoes to work tomorrow. Heels are not the thing for stair climbing.

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