more on last weekend

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So I haven’t yet told you the funnest part of last weekend. Surprisingly, getting splatted by dog shit wasn’t it.

I met Dahlia!

How fun is that? Very fun, for your info. She’s just as cool as her blogs, if not even MORE so, and we had a blast! Or at least I did, I think she did too. Unfortunately I don’t have pics to prove it, so you’ll have to take my word for it. She came up Saturday and managed to put up with me and PVDD for an entire evening (not to mention two slobbery obnoxious Dogs) and even attended her frist karaoke adventure.

Very fun times. Next time I am FOR SURE getting pictures! The only one I have is one that I can’t get off my phone (due to it having dropped in the toilet, just like Barbcue) which showed my drink, all surrounded by napkins, parmesan and red chili pepper shakers, and other tabletop items, in a sort of barricade. This was a result of having dropped my drink on the floor. Apparently the Family von N decided that building a barricade around the replacement would prevent future mishaps of that type. I didn’t drop any more drinks, though, so I guess it must have worked.

My sister, brother, brother’s girlfiend and mom came down on Sunday, so I finally got some pictures of the backyard that I can post for you.

This is the half of the yard that we have started digging out in order to put in a patio.


PVDD here is washing off a stump that we had partially excavated, in an attempt to see how big it was and if there was anywhere else that we could try to chain-saw it, in an attempt to get it out. After hooking a chain around it and trying to haul it out with a big ol’ Bronco to no avail, we have decided to leave it in and make it into a planter. We’ll see how that turns out, but I think it will actually be pretty awesome.



This of course is the Kid, and he’s looking at a worm he has in his hand. Any pictures my family takes have to include a multitude of pictures of the Kid. Fortunately, while we were working, he either rode his bike or even helped. We gave him the job of taking all the worms we found and putting them in a safe place, so they wouldn’t get killed. He was very excited about this responsibility and took it very seriously. He thinks he probably saved a million worms.



I know it looks like crap right now, but it’s going to be totally cool when it’s finished. So that’s what I’m working on when I’m not here entertaining you with my stories of stuff flying in my face. Hope you’ll forgive! 

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