mother’s day story-time

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A cheerful Mother’s Day Story:

2N: Hi, I got a flat tire over the weekend. I’d like to replace it.

Rapist Tire Guy: Which tire?

2N: The front passenger.

RTG: Okay I’ll go have a look. Those are pretty common tires so it shouldn’t be a problem.

2N: Great thanks!

(Interlude: 10 minutes)

RTG: Okay, sure those are real common ones. Both the front ones need to be replaced, actually.

2N: Right, except right now I just want to do the one that’s flat.

RTG: (Perusing computer screen) Hmmm. Hmmm. Well, that will be $254.00.

2N: I’m sorry?

RTG: $254.00.

2N: No, no,  I just wanted the one.

RTG: That is just the one.

2N: Wait, you’re telling me it’s $254 for one tire? One “very common” tire?

RTG: Yes.

2N: How are you going to tell me that one tire is $254? That is ridiculous.

RTG: I’m sorry ma’am, that’s the best we can do.

2N: Well no wonder your store is empty. See ya.

The heroine of our story, after having changed her very first tire on the side of the road subsequently visited tire store #2 where she purchased TWO tires for $185.

Moral of the story: Les Schwab loves mothers more than Firestone does.

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