lfb: hidden treasures

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So, I thought that maybe I would do some sort of clever play on the topic and amaze everyone with my brilliance, but, alas that was not to be.

Instead, I found this in my poetry archives and thought that it was somehow appropriate. So, enjoy. Hopefully.


Unwind the box
Lift the lid
(It’s a little stiff)
Pull the silver lining
Inside, a score of treasures
Draw one out
(they’re fragile)
Flickering flame
draws the secret out
from inside the tube
A glowing ember
and marks time
with its presence
(much too quickly)
as wispy, delicate smoke
wafts into the air
and wreaths your head
Set it to your lips
breathe in its secret
hear it
taste it
smell the gentle odor
Of that very first puff
Off that very first cigarette
In your pack.


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