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so what’s up with you?

So here’s what I’m thinking you’re thinking… I have either been run over by the Jeep, rolled the Jeep over, had some other sort of accident involving the Jeep and having the top down in the freezing cold, fallen in a hole wherein there is no internet service and (even worse) no laptop, broken my

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goodbye, darling (100 miles, episode whatever)

This may not make sense unless you read the 100 miles intro and go from there. They were just words. Words. Letters strung together into words joined up to make paragraphs that said “I don’t want you anymore.” Words built up over weeks, months…words she couldn’t say, only write. And rewrite and perfect and recompose

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and when it’s over…then what?

I was thinking today about being in relationships, and what makes them work and what makes them fall apart. I reread some of the 100 Miles stuff tonight, and I was thinking about how I finished up right when the Kid was born. I didn’t continue with the rest of the story…one, because there wasn’t much drama

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