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on morning frazzles and a generous helping of toe jam

Most frazzled morning ever, team. Really. Have you been wondering where I’ve been the past three days? Of course you have. The answer is, I’ve been spending time on the beautiful Hood Canal. 

2n’s evening of domestic bliss

Didja missme? I, my friends, have been experiencing some of the best times I’ve had all year over the last couple of days. I’ll leave it at that, but suffice to say that all is going swimmingly in 2N-Land. I, however, am stymied by children. I, your favorite ‘traded blogger, spent last night and this

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floam vs chia pet

I hate marketers that make commercials that make The Kid bug me to buy stuff. I really do. Because when you see his big blue eyes telling you that he “absolutely haaaaaaaas to have something, so SERIOUS, mom!” and you have to say, “I would rather shove splinters under my fingernails than buy something like that which

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discussions with the Kid: on ovaries and boogers

I have discovered that the Kid will be an awesome blogger as he gets older. He never stops talking. It’s like this constant stream of random, five-year-old consciousness coming from him. When it’s not inane questions about things (why, why, why…?) then it’s not-so-educated discourse on where sneezes come from, who I’m going to get married

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