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on morning frazzles and a generous helping of toe jam

Most frazzled morning ever, team. Really. Have you been wondering where I’ve been the past three days? Of course you have. The answer is, I’ve been spending time on the beautiful Hood Canal. 

the REAL photoblog to end all photoblogs: in which we hoped to see a sliming

Okay, so I only thought the last photoblog was the photoblog to end all photoblogs. But it turns out that this one is! DoctorDaddy and I took a little daytrip up to Seattle today. I took the day off since he works weekends usually, we packed ourselves into the car and headed on up to

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it’s frickin’ hot in hurrre…not taking off my clothes

My friends, it is HOT. The temperature, the last few days here in my little corner of Washington, have been over 85 degrees – someone said today, maybe even over one hundred degrees. Now, for some of you to whom scorching temperatures are a daily event, it may seem like it’s not all that hot.

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