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imitation foghorns

I have strange neighbors. I’m sure we all have strange neighbors, now that I think on it, however I think at times, mine are truly extraordinary. The ones on the left hand side, that is. The ones on the left are a female cop and her military-slash-karate-instructor husband. Oh, and their daughter that likes to

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shove your ice cream up your ass, and other literacy lessons

Two topics to this blog. I’m assuming that you would much prefer one blog chock full of amusing subjects as opposed to several single-topic ones, but if I’m wrong, please sue me, as I have lots of money. Firstly, and eminently most important, I need you to see why exactly Vilate has secured the position of My Myspace Fantasy

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fun with email: more trash talk

I’ve been on the receiving end of some truly inspiring emails today that I thought I would share. Names and identifying characteristics, facts, and details have been changed. Oh wait! There ARE no details or facts in any of these. Please note that I have kept all grammar, spelling, and punctuation intact.