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and then…the packing.

And now…the worst part about going on vacation: deciding what to pack. As I may have mentioned a time or two, I have a fairly extensive (not necessarily exPENsive) wardrobe. Which makes packing for a personal trip…complicated. It’s times like these I imagine myself having conversations with my clothes. Really. “Beautiful black ripped jeans, I

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in absentia…on the way to veeeegas, yo!

I believe I mentioned, I really love this scheduling thing. For instance, I am writing this Monday night and scheduling it for Wednesday morning, for just about the time when I will be walking out the door on the way to the airport, headed to Las Vegas! My friends, it’s going to be so fucking hot.

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lfb: strap in, it’s speedo time

So this week LFB says: write a commentary about your best summer vacation. Best summer vacation. Psh. I am here to tell you, I haven’t had a summer vacation since high school. So I’m sitting here, trying to think about my best summer ever (vacation or not), and I’m remembering the time I went camping

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