in absentia…on the way to veeeegas, yo!

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I believe I mentioned, I really love this scheduling thing.

For instance, I am writing this Monday night and scheduling it for Wednesday morning, for just about the time when I will be walking out the door on the way to the airport, headed to Las Vegas!

My friends, it’s going to be so fucking hot.

IMG_2709I honestly think I might die.

But I think that a trip to Vegas where I can hang out here is just exactly what I need right now:




This is where we’ll be staying:





In fact, by the time you’re reading this I will probably already be there.

Can’t wait.

See you Sunday! I have been a good little blogger and scheduled posts for each day while I’m gone, since I plan to be highly intoxicated and throw my money away with wild abandon pretty much the entire time and you probably won’t want to even see what might come out of my keyboard under those circumstances. You’re welcome.



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