first day back at work was…not great.

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So, I logged into my work computer on Monday morning, after two weeks vacation, only to find that nothing was working. No email, no VPN, no intranet, no company webpage…It was enough to make me worry that more was going on than just an IT issue. Hours of non-productiveness.

On a Monday.

The first day back.

Also had a team meeting. Why is it that coming out of these meetings, I feel more depressed and frustrated than I did going in? It’s hard to hear, those in the room are bouncing ideas off of each other, able to see what’s written on the whiteboard…and meanwhile, I just struggle to keep up.

I guess that’s the trade-off for working from home versus working in the office. And I’m not sure that I would ever trade working at home for working in the office. It’s just way too convenient.

Plus…pajama pants. Need I say more?

So, aside from spending the majority of the day trying to break into my email and other work-related activities, it was pretty uneventful. Not the “I’m back to work” splash I was anticipating.

Today, Tuesday, was way better. The only low point was having to do my annual self-evaluation. I always hate these. If I give myself a high score, I look egotistical…or worse yet, deluded.  If I don’t, then they might agree with me that I suck. Either way, it’s not fun.

It was also depressing having to go back through the goals that I had set last year and see if I had achieved them. In a couple cases, I had not. Ugh.

Overall, it was an acceptable first couple of days back. Not great, but not terrible.

Definitely could have been worse.

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