only me

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Only Me

I love daffodils and sunshine
And walking in the rain
Roses make me weak
And I get drunk on champagne
I love the feel of skin on skin
And the whisper of my name
I love nakedness and laughter
And bodies lined in candle flames
I wear long skirts with sandals
I let my frizzy hair fly free
I laugh a lot and cry sometimes
But all of this is me

I understand what pain means
And I don’t know how to love
I color my dreams with crayons
And draw happy faces in the suns
I take wrong turns sometimes
Or maybe I’m just blind
I get lost sometimes, and scared
And sometimes I leave my mind behind
Sometimes I have trouble breathing
And sometimes it’s too dark to see
I have to feel my way, and sometimes I fall
But still, it’s only me

Some mornings I oversleep
And some nights I just can’t
I smoke cigarettes and sing too loud
And I have stripes on my pants
I make jokes when I should be silent
I don’t speak when I should
Sometimes I just don’t think at all
And sometimes I wish I could
But I smile when I think of you
You’re always on my mind
You scare me and love me and please me and hold me
Even though
It’s only me

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