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So apparently, some people think that blog-tag is comparable to puking in your own mouth, being anally raped while being forced to watch old Friends reruns, or drinking a raw egg seasoned with a little live goldfish. I am, apparently, the last member of the cool kids group to realize that tagging apparently is hell on earth. After hearing Tania’s description of the tag she read, I can see exactly why that is.

I’m sure that once I get a few more months of blogging under my belt, I will feel quite the same way. Seriously.

But here’s the thing. It means that I am now important enough for someone to inflict said vomit-inducing tagfest upon my inestimable person. So, for now, I’m kinda tickled.

Another distressing thing I learned about abovementioned tag game, is that my dear friend and self-appointed High PriestRocketman received hate-mail, flak, and even unsubscriptions to the mind-candy that is his blog space.

I find this disappointing, to say the least.

Why do we blog? (well, the cool kids, anyway)

We blog because this is our space to write about whatever the fuck we want. Because we’re cool like that. And you all, my lovely readers, enjoy reading whatever it is that my keyboard decides to spit out for the day. Which makes you rad, and my favorites.

Not a single one of my favorite bloggers always writes something that I agree with, or even enjoy. Sometimes, I will even read something by them that makes me wonder why I even subscribe. But the thing is, that I stay subscribed because I know that more often than not, they do produce something that is worthwhile, and is what I really like to read, and is the reason why they are my favorite bloggers.

That being said, I find it extremely disappointing that people would unsubscribe from Rocketman’s blog, which is pretty much one of the best ones out there, on the basis of a stupid tag game. To these people, I say: pull your underwear out of your ass, and STFU.

So, if you’re still reading, I give you my response: The STFU Tag Game.

Usually, the tag-game consists of a list of five (or six) quirky/unusual things people may not already know about you. But because Rocketman would be extremely disappointed if I did not buck the system: This is a list of six STFU’s I wish I’d delivered when I had the chance. Instead, I’ll deliver them to cyberspace and go to bed tonight feeling satisfied that I participated.

  1. To the lady that told me I was too fat to get a dress at the Bon: STFU.
  2. To all the guys who have dumped me or not dated me because I have a kid: Double STFU.
  3. To all the people who look at me sideways with a funny look on their faces when I say that my son lives with his father: STFU.
  4. To all the people who tell me I swear too much and I’ll be single forever: STFU.
  5. To all the people who are disappointed that I wrote this: STFU. (But keep reading, because I do really like you, even if you think I’m a sellout).

I’ll update this with the number of people who unsubscribe. Darnitol!

So: in keeping with the whole tag-blog theme, I hereby designate the following constituents to craft a witty, rebellious and/or cynical tag-blog of their own:

  • Ragu
  • Pope
  • 1N (HA! Now you HAVE to blog!)
  • Magnum PI (because I know he’ll hate me for reals then)
  • NovakFilms (because I don’t really know what he’ll do – he might chop off my head for real!)

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