how NOT to attract women

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Or alternatively, how to make them run screaming in the opposite direction.

Friends, we should all take a moment to learn a thing or two from my newly blocked non-friend, BENTDICK. I’m even using his real name and providing you with a link to his profile because I am so deeply offended that people like him exist and think to approach women like this.

I’m not saying that I’m averse to a little dirty talk now and again. However when it issues from someone I don’t know, when I know that it’s a form email he probably sent out to every woman in the Tacoma/Puyallup area, and he didn’t even take the time to check out my profile but instead threw out this trash in my general direction, well, then, I’m a little skeeved out.

Let us all learn from this paragon of romance, charm, and sophistication as we read the following email that I found in my inbox this morning:

Subject: hi

Message: you want hook up and get [edited] really good?
Not to mention other things I have to offer like my well above average [edited] that I am packing I know how to use that far greater than most [edited and honestly I can’t justify putting the rest in, it is just TOO TERRIBLE and seriously x-rated. He goes on in this vein for 10 more sentences, getting more graphic with each one.]
Let me know asap!

As instructed, I did let him know ASAP:

Subject: hi

Message: I’m curious to know what on EARTH makes you think that this is a good approach to use with women.

I find this email in extreme poor taste and I can’t imagine that it works very well for you, you disgusting piece of shit.

No thanks.

Guys, I’m sorry, but it’s men like this that lose you so many points for the Boy Team and make it so difficult for you to convince women that you’re really a good guy. As men, you should take guys like this when you find them and string them up by their balls from the nearest light pole in order to cull the fucking gene pool.

For crying out loud, people. How did he land on my planet?

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