nightmare before halloween

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So the night started out well, namely at the point in which we left the party where all the girls were tall and beautiful and in costumes that showed more leg than creativity. My costume was rockin’, mostly because I made it and I was quite excited about that, plus, you can’t help but love the glasses.





I also had a white fluffy jacket with a feathered collar that I don’t have pics of yet. I even had a matching purse which you can kind of see in my hand.

After the party, we headed to my favorite blogging bar, where we drank a couple bevs, took more pics, and saw PVDD with a bullet in his head, which was strangely prophetic for what happened at the next stop.

After leaving the blogging bar, we went to the karaoke bar. The twelve-year-old self-important ass at the door wasn’t going to let us in, No N demanded to see our friend the manager, who of course let us in. We couldn’t order any drinks though, but we did get to show off our costumes, which is never a waste of time.

When we finally had to leave, we went outside and were finishing cigarettes when we heard some sharp cracks. Next thing I know, No N’s boyfriend yelled, “He has a gun!” and No N and he bailed into the car. Being that I am a little slow on the uptake (plus I still had a cigarette lit, for crying out loud!), I kind of just stood there and looked around. I see a guy walking down the street (not on the sidewalk), and he’s got what looks like a gun in his left hand. He looks straight at me (marveling at the authenticity of my costume, I’m sure) then looks away at a guy crossing the street on the other side of the street from us. He raises his arm and shoots, and that’s when I figure I should stop gaping and get my ass down to the sidewalk. Up until that point, I was vaguely thinking, this is a cap gun. This can’t be real. This guy’s playing out a fantasy of being some tough street kid and pretending to shoot people. Haha, very funny.

Being as I still have a cigarette in my hand and now all I can think is, No N doesn’t allow smoking in her car followed by there’s a dude walking down the street shooting people, I crouch down behind the car while the guy with the gun walks past No N’s car on the other side from the one I am hiding behind. He gets to the end of the car and stops. He looks back, and I look up and for one heartstopping moment, I thought, Oh shit. I’ll never blog again.

Suddenly something distracted him, and he looked away, and I bailed into the car and we took off. No N’s bf said that he shot at us while we were driving away, but I don’t remember that part. I just got on my phone and called the police, giving a description of the guy and the direction he was heading (which unfortunately I think I told them the wrong direction), left my name, and hung up.

It didn’t take long for us to get back to No N’s house, which is when No N found this in her door:


Followed by this on the outside:



I guess the guy was shooting at us after all. I also guess that it wasn’t a cap gun. I don’t know how it missed her, but I can’t tell you how glad I am that it did.

As I was leaving No N’s after she called the police to report the bullet hole, Toby Kieth’s song “Proud To Be An American” came across the radio. In particularly the line about I’m here on the front lines, sleep in peace tonight.

DAMMIT! How can I sleep in peace tonight knowing that there are terrorists like that asshole who will walk down a street shooting people that he doesn’t even know, that never did anything to him. It made me wonder why we’re spending so many lives and resources in a country that doesn’t even really care what happens to us, and we have assholes like that guy walking our streets. Unbeleivable. I wished I had a gun too, I would have fucking killed that motherfucker. After I got done wetting myself, of course.

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