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Anyone ever notice how you rearrange furniture and suddenly you feel like you’ve got all new stuff?

I mean, we didn’t do much, but we can now access the DVD’s in the huge bookshelf on the south wall, and I can finally use the remote on the TV from the comfort of my favorite chair. Which, let me tell you, is paramount. Supremely.

I was frustrated tonight because the living room was feeling too cramped – what with a big ass dog kennel, an even bigger-ass dog BED, two VERY big ass dogs (well, the Bitch isn’t THAT big) and clusters of furry hairball friends running all around the hardwood floors…well, let’s just say I had to do SOMETHING.

So we rearranged the furniture.

Due to the fact that we had the chance to vacuum under places that never really should EVER see the light of day, we must have sucked up at least ten pounds of dog hair. PVDD is in the kitchen on dinner patrol, and life is good. Extremely good. I have a dog on my feet and a dog on the couch, and it’s so…domestic…I almost want to puke.

Rearrangement is interesting though. It gives you a whole new outlook on your living room. It has the same effect when you do it in your life, too – have you ever noticed that? Do a few things differently, make a list of things you want to do, get energized and excited and suddenly it’s like you have a whole new life. You don’t have to do anything extravagant, but changing just one or two things, it’s good.

You know it’s my birthday next weekend, right? The weekend after Thanksgiving? I’m stoked. I’m going to be thirty. Three-O. 30. 10 times 3!

My friend Heather and my friend Dawn are having their birthdays this weekend. Heather’s turning 30 also. She got me thinking about it. She wrote a blog about it, even, and I totally agree with her – I don’t feel old. I don’t think I look old. I guess thirty really isn’t that old. I just guess it’s just kind of, leaving a whole part of my life behind.

Goodbye, twenty-something. Hello, early thirties.

Early thirties. I’m trying it out on my head because I will no longer be in my late twenties and I have just over a week to get used to it.

You want to know what else is funny? I just started getting letters from AARP, addressed to me. I opened one out of curiosity. It seems that I am eligible for AARP benefits. Somewhere someone has down an extra twenty years on my age, because I’m pretty sure you can’t get AARP till you’re like, fifty or something.

Happy birthday to me. A few decades early. No biggie.

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