recovery and mean spirited jerks

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So I am now safely and speedily recovered from our Saturday night victory over the jail light. Thank you all for your concern, sympathy, and wishes for a quick recovery from the hangover. The hangover was pretty tolerable, not much beyond a mild headache and frequent visits to the, um, necessary. Have you ever had to give yourself a courtesy flush? Yeah, that sucks.

Apparently not everyone likes drunked blogs though, because I seem to have lost a couple readers. Oh well. Can’t please ’em all. That means you all are drunked assholes just like me, huh? Woot!

For the record, I was NOT driving drunk when I ran through the light. Just so you know I’m not advocating drunk driving. The drinking was enacted AFTER the light was defeated.

It appears that News Corp. isn’t advocating OJ Simpson’s shitty book either. What a fucking dumbass, and thanks to News Corp. for doing the right thing. For once. Woot! to them.

Do you think it’s possible to retract kudos from someone in real life? Because if I could, I would. There’s a person I work with that is normally really really funny and entertaining to be around. However, should you dare to make a mistake or “waste their time” with something so trivial as, oh, say, a question, God help you, you will get blasted via email in the most scathing terms possible, thus ensuring you will shrink back under the rock that you came from and never take up their valuable and (obviously more expensive) time ever, ever, ever again.

I severely dislike people like that (at work. In my off time, I might even be considered one of those people, but that’s a different story.). Even when you’re irritated, it’s not hard to at least be tactful. Hold back the sarcasm, because despite what you might think, I do pick up on it. I’m not quite the dumb-as-bricks retard that you seem to think I am. So please. Refrain from reminding me how stupid my mistakes are, how much more valuable your time is than mine, get off your high horse and I hope you step in horseshit on your way down. Cuz I’m nice like that.

For real.

I don’t usually blog about work, much less the people I work with, and so I will refrain from identifying or even copying in parts of the crappy email I got today, but suffice to say I am glad of two things: one, that I don’t work for them, and two, that they don’t work for me. That kind of an attitude problem would be a headache I wouldn’t want to deal with. I have a feeling it would be like Clash of the Titans. In a really big and ugly way. Yuck. It depresses me because I don’t like to think that people on my own team would be so….so….mean!

I get concerned when I see people with horrible attitudes working anywhere. I mean, I know you run into that in customer service, and restaurants, and places like that, but what does a person with a shitty attitude say about the management? That they’re either not paying attention, or they think that production is more important than team morale.

Managers tend to forget, I think, that one person with a shitty attitude can ruin a team. For the most part, people don’t like being belittled and mocked and constantly having to deal with one person’s crappy team spirit. They will leave. You will have constant turnover. You will find yourself in a state of perpetual training, which is costly for the employer, and, if you’re in a service-based industry, having new people all the time will lead to losing your business. I don’t care if this person is so brilliant they shit diamonds. No one is irreplaceable, and if they are, then the manager is not doing his or her job.

Teams that are happy and have high morale have high production. They make fewer mistakes, they care more about what they do, hence the quality of their work is better. You have fewer sick days taken, fewer training dollars spent, less down time due to training someone new every few weeks.

Anyway. I could go on and on using my own team as an example but I won’t. Because I don’t blog about work.

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