caution: consume with extreme care

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I feel compelled to share with you, my dear myspaz friends, a disconcerting thing that just happened.

See, The Kid has a little package of Gummi Bears. Of course, as the reigning parental unit, this package of Gummi Bears is fair game, and I was busying myself with eating some of them when it happened.

As I was munching, a piece of gummy stuff just must have went down the wrong pipe, because I coughed and gagged and then was okay. Until ten minutes later, when my nose was burning like all get-out. So I blew it. And as you might have guessed, out flew a chunk of Gummi Bear to lie glistening on my Kleenex like some rejected offering to the Gummi gods, alone and quivering in shame.

Oh yes, my dear readers, I just blew a piece of Gummi Bear out of my nose.

This is, of course, reminscent of the time when I choked while swallowing my birth control pill. Except that time, I was surprised with fine blue powder sifting out of my nostrils in the middle of an important meeting. I guess those darn things dry out when sitting in your nose all morning. After they’ve dissolved from the water that you’ve spewed out your nasal cavities as a result of taking the water down your windpipe instead of your throat.

Just a little word for the wise, folks. Exercise extreme caution when eating Gummi Bears and swallowing birth control pills.

Also, ALWAYS do a post-nose-blow-check on the Kleenex. Just in case.

photo courtesy of this site.

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