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Yeah, okay fine. It’s been like three months, but who’s counting, right? Let’s see if I can give a recap of the last three months in as few sentences as possible:

Three day trips to LA. One trip to Tennessee and Philadelphia. One failed karaoke contest. Good things at work. Personal life in the shitter.

I think that about sums it up.

No but seriously. Maybe not in the shitter, precisely, but I have definitely had a better few months in my lifetime. I think things are at least on their way to resolution now, which is GOOD. Good thoughts, good things, right?

I found a new karaoke bar where I can in fact smoke inside the bar, which is simply fantabulous, and have had several evenings lately the likes of which MySpaz hasn’t seen blogged about by 2N in at least a year, godblessit. No internet, but, well, I guess I can’t have everything. Yet.

The Jeep is, of course, fabulous. A bit muddy right now, but still absolutely awesome. I’ve got skinned knuckles at the moment from taking the top down the other day. Totally worth it.

I think taking a break from blogging was good for me. I now have bunches of ideas where before I was feeling kinda blah and really didn’t have a lot of inspiration. For those of you that emailed me and commented and have been cussing me out for being a non-responsive bitch, I apologize, it was at least 90% unintentional. 😛

Missed you guys. Mush out.

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