retiring the blackberry…finally.

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At long, long last, my company has decided to replace this antiquated artifact of phones past:


With this!


YES it is pink. I am not a huge fan of the 5c but I LOVE THAT IT IS PINK.

It’s all set up and even receiving emails and appointments like a boss. First thing I did? Set my wallpaper, naturally. Priorities.

You might wonder why I have two phones, now two iPhones, no less. There are a few reasons, actually:

  1. My work requires that we install a third party device manager on our phones to keep our emails secure. This management software allows remote users to access data on my phone, wipe it, add/remove users, etc. When confronted with the idea of putting this on my personal phone, which, as we all know is 95% selfies and 5% other stuff, I freaked out and refused. So, because I have to have a phone to use for work, I now have two.
  2. In the distant past, my personal phone has on occasion been shut off for one reason or another. This prevented me from getting actual work done. Enter, work phone paid for by work.
  3. Secondarily to #2, I was using my personal phone for work calls, using up minutes and data for non-personal use. Didn’t like that much.

In reality I am trying to list out things in order to convince myself that I will be just fine carrying around two phones. I am happy that now I have a mobile device that allows me to get calendar appointments and email so that I don’t have to log in from my computer all the time, (and did I mention it is pink?) but I imagine that I will struggle at first with carrying (and potentially losing) TWO phones instead of just one.

Oh well. It’s pink.

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