47 first world problems

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Interesting topic from the other day (thank you Siv)…things I don’t like. Or, more accurately, things I hate.

I do try to teach the Kid that we don’t HATE things, we just…strongly dislike them. But honestly, there are some really weird things that bug me.

So I thought I’d post about it. Of course I chose the number 47 because, as you might remember from my 50 Weird Things blog, that’s the number I choose when I don’t already have one handy. Who knows? I might just follow this one up with a list of things that I really really really like.

As an aside, I am feeling okay about the fact that it took me like two months to come up with this whole list. So at least I wasn’t able to just spout these off the top of my head like a bitter, bitter jerk.


47 Things That Really Really Really Really Bug Me

  1. Most vegetables that are green and begin with the letters A or Z. Asparagus, artichokes, zucchini…ugh.
  2. When people or companies replace “C” with “K”. I’m looking at you, Krispy Kreme.
  3. One-uppers.
  4. When people misuse words – here I’m thinking specifically of your vs you’re. Specifically, and most heinously, in commercial uses or in the news. There’s just no excuse.
  5. Hot air in my face, like from a car heater.
  6. Close-talkers, mouth breathers and spitters.
  7. Anyone that invades my space-bubble, really.
  8. Improper use of quotation marks.
  9. When the barista makes my drink wrong.
  10. Repetitive noises. Hello, alarm clocks, “your door is ajar” bells, and smoke alarms.
  11. Body odor.
  12. Patchouli.
  13. The sound people make when they chew with their mouths open. Seriously, ugh.
  14. Or even worse: talking with your mouth full. I really, really, really don’t want to see your food.
  15. Cinnamon flavored gum.
  16. Having a piece of popcorn (you know, that curved shell of the kernel that slides perfectly right in the gap??) stuck between my teeth.
  17. Things under the skin or making holes in skin or anything to do with gross stuff and skin. Seriously. Total creeps AND nightmares.
  18. Or worse yet, at the very back of my throat.
  19. Seafood.
  20. People’s reactions when I say I don’t like seafood.
  21. People’s reactions when I say I like ketchup on my steak.
  22. The word “moist”.
  23. Tailgaters. MOST especially when I’m at or over the speed limit and not even in the left hand lane.
  24. Guys that wear way too much cologne.
  25. Running out of printer paper in the middle of a large print job.
  26. Forgetting to save.
  27. Public arguments. Whether it’s me or someone else, I cringe.
  28. Idiots that wear their pants around their knees. Honestly. I don’t want to see your stupid underwear.
  29. Losing my keys. This happens All. The. Time. OMG.
  30. Strangers asking me, “What are you reading?”
  31. Sitting in the middle seat on an airplane.
  32. Women who talk on the phone. In the bathroom. With or without speakerphone, but just guess which one is worse.
  33. People that cut in line. Especially at Starbucks.
  34. This also goes for those that ignore the “this lane is ending” signs until the very last second and then cut over.
  35. Hospitals.
  36. Funerals.
  37. Repeating myself.
  38. When iPhoto mistakes me for my dad’s girlfriend.
  39. When a picture looks fine on my phone but all blurry when I upload it. Moment’s GONE!
  40. Paying bills.
  41. Waiting for the next book in the series to be released.
  42. Being interrupted.
  43. Solicitors. Phone, email, at my front door (the worst).
  44. When someone tries to shame me into trying new food. I don’t want to!
  45. Losing things.
  46. Fitness freaks that want me to also be a fitness freak. Not going to happen. Seriously. Quit it.
  47. Being disappointed. 😦

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