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I am such a sucker for customizing stuff.

I already mentioned how I can take hours just to build a gaming character. I experience a little thrill any time I can change the colors or layout of a phone app. I deliberate for hours (or long minutes, anyway) on the background and wall paper for my phone. Choosing just the right color for the Xbox resulted in a stress headache…no one wants to be confronted with the wrong shade of bluey-green when they go to log into their gaming console.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise then, that I enjoy changing my blog theme from time to time. Okay, greatly enjoy.

Okay fine. I love changing my blog theme all the time.

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I went ahead and purchased the unlimited themes upgrade for my blog. This means that I have unlimited access to every single theme available at WordPress, even the paid ones. Which, when you think about it, is kind of silly since I’m sure there’s all of like, six REAL readers that even go to it to see it, but whatever. know it’s there.

Consequently, I have spent the greater part of last night and this evening dinking around with the themes, settings, colors, fonts, you name it. I think I’ve tried out pretty much every premium theme on the first page and some on the second.

So far my favorites are this one (Chronicle), Plane, Duet and Connect (actually my old theme pre-upgrade).

I’m in customization heaven. I’m serious. My big issue now is to settle on one to keep for a while.

It’s. Been. Awesome.

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