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Well, in a fit of crazy go-getted-ness, I just booked my very first solo vacation.

As an aside, can I just say it felt awesome to call the VIP hotline to make my reservations? Never mind that it’s probably just their name for all the regular losers, it made me feel totally important.

To continue:

I’m heading to Vegas in March.

By myself, in case I forgot to mention.

Now, as you know I’m no stranger to traveling by myself; I make many many trips a year all by my lonesome.

The difference is on those, it’s for work, and when I get there, I know people. There’s people to talk to, to go places with, to be “one of a group” with, instead of “one by oneself”.

This time, it will be just me. Oh and the lady who gives me a massage. And the guy handing out towels at the pool. And whoever makes me my many, many drinks at every single stop along the way.

I’m staying at the Mirage, only my favorite hotel in Las Vegas. I’m even considering buying show tickets to the Bellagio’s Cirque du Soleil show “O”. Yes, for all the terribly obvious reasons. And also: because I’ve only ever seen one Cirque show and I think the Bellagio’s would be amazing.

I know I already took two weeks of PTO over the Christmas holiday. The reality is, I just…can’t right now. I so need a break. From all of my regular life. Two weeks into 2015 and already I feel like I’m losing my shit.

I’m nervous. But also excited. I feel brave and pathetic all at the same time. But, I have nonrefundable tickets now, so. It’s done. I leave March 9th.

Wish me luck!


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