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yes. it’s that day again. in which I get no work done and spend the entire day with a headache.

It is, once again, Password Change Day. This is the day in which I am forced to change my password on my work computer, somehow completely screw it up, and spend the entire day trying to get it fixed. I delay until the very last minute every single time because…every single time it doesn’t work.

daily show with 2n

You guys, I am such a dork. My morning has been way too eventful already this morning. Items of note: 1 – I would not make a good Admin Assistant. I was responsible for scheduling a meeting for today and I went back and forth so many times that I updated the meeting three times,

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i’m a walking train wreck

So, okay, I am completely uninspired this week. It has been a week from hell, people. Let’s recap. Monday. The last day of Memorial Day Weekend. It’s raining. To quote No N, “Washington happened.” The boat wouldn’t start. It wasn’t nice out. It sucked. After waiting at No N’s for two hours while we tried

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stealing is for pussies

Team, I’ve been robbed. Seriously! If you recall my blogs on traveling, I have a new tip: never give your credit card to the hotel lady in order to have the stuff you forgot shipped back to you. Apparently I am even more fabulous than Assclown the Amazing Jerk Off, because somehow I can simultaneously be at

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