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You guys, I am such a dork. My morning has been way too eventful already this morning. Items of note:

from Diane Aiello
from Diane Aiello

1 – I would not make a good Admin Assistant. I was responsible for scheduling a meeting for today and I went back and forth so many times that I updated the meeting three times, and ended up having to ask for help to coordinate people’s schedules. I don’t have the right thought process for doing that kind of stuff or something…I just expect everyone to drop everything and be available when I need them.

2 – On another conference call today, I swear my phone said I was muted – but then everyone on the phone heard me make a comment to myself that I hated Mondays because I had been on calls since 10:00 AM! Totally embarrassed. I do have to say though, at least it wasn’t like I was doing 354 or something while thinking I was on mute. So I guess it could have been worse.

3 – For those of you in this area that may have missed PVDD’s bulletin, it is his 40th birthday today. The festivities are scheduled to begin at 5:00 PM today at Puget Sound Pizza on 7th and St. Helen’s. If you’re not in this area, make sure to drop him a note and say Happy Birthday!

4 – I need a vacation. Seriously. Therefore I have scheduled a whole WEEK in August when I will have the Kid and I plan to do exactly nothing. Except maybe take him and the Dogs camping. That’s it. Oh and maybe fall asleep in the sunshine and drive the Jeep around.

5 – I have another 354 story to share so there might be two posts today. I apologize in advance, but this is what you get when 2N blogs on a regular basis.

I think that’s it. This concludes your daily 2N update, please return to your regularly scheduled programs.


You know those days where it just goes from worse to worser? That was today. I dumped my drink in my lap and drenched my shirt, jeans, and phone, and nothing I do today is right. My phone now won’t turn on and when I try to send any text messages it just comes out gibberish. Just one faux pas after another. I’m off to take a percoset and pretend today never happened.

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