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growling from the butt

Did you know dogs can fart? Or, rather, that they do, rather freely, in fact, whilst sleeping off all the energy it must have taken to yank the christmas tree right off it’s handy side-table pedestal and onto the ground, breaking several bally-thingys into several million tiny pieces while simultaneously collecting every last bit of

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on morning frazzles and a generous helping of toe jam

Most frazzled morning ever, team. Really. Have you been wondering where I’ve been the past three days? Of course you have. The answer is, I’ve been spending time on the beautiful Hood Canal. 

when throw pillows attack…they get the beat down

Remind me again why I love the Dog. Because when I come home to this: Which is the result of a horribly mutilated throw pillow: I have a hard time remembering. I also take exception to people who come ringing my doorbell, trying to sell me windows and security systems and whatnot, and assume that

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