pee-pants and fuzz-face

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I think I posted this on Facebook but never really wrote about it here.

As you know, The Dog (who will always be The Dog, regardless of any other lower-case-dogs we get in the future) passed away earlier this year. We were all pretty broken up about it, which I posted about ad-nauseam I think.

Anyway, we decided that although nothing could ever replace The Dog, we were perhaps ready for a new “d”og in the household. Then, we got a little carried away and decided to foster one too, though it’s been a little difficult and I’m pretty much ready to foist her off on the first person that comes along. Not really. But you get the idea.

First is Beorn, aka Pee-Pants, aka Dopey-Dope. Pee Pants because he has literally peed so many times in his crate or in the house that I am surprised that I am not both smelling permanently of dog urine and swimming in it. At least, I hope I don’t smell like it. I have to hope someone would tell me.

Dopey-Dope because, well, he looks so cute and dopey sometimes.

Potty-training issues aside, I confess that Pee-Pants is my favorite. He’s usually very quiet, and so relaxed that sitting is his natural state of being. He does tend to put everything in his mouth that isn’t tied down, including fuzz from the floor, bobby pins, even (and unfortunately) two pairs of my flip flops. I am managing this by making sure they are no longer within reach, though as fast as he is growing, that reach is getting higher every day.

Pee Pants is a mix between Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd. I rescued him through the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society, a really great group of people dedicated to getting Great Pyrenees dogs out of bad situations, mostly in the Texas area. Pee-Pants here is a whopping six months old now – here are some videos from when I first met him at three months.

And here he is today, only a couple of months later:

Pee Pants is not alone in making my life miserable interesting, however. Meet Reesie, called Fuzz-Face for obvious reasons.

Fuzz Face is a tough little nut. She’s obviously absolutely gorgeous. She’s also stubborn as hell. And she won’t stop chasing the cat and barking at, well, pretty much everything. If a fly buzzes into the window, she’s barking. If she hears another dog a mile away bark, she’s barking. If she hears the cat meow outside, you guessed it, she’s barking.

It doesn’t really matter what time of day it is, either…nothing like being woken up from a sound sleep by barking happening practically in your ear. I am absolutely convinced that there is no way anyone could ever sneak into this house without her making us aware, though, so that’s a good thing.

Aside from the barking, she is a lover. And adorable too! She has the cutest expressions and some fun little quirks. She wants to be with you, all the time, and she’s playful and loves to run. So much so that you have to be careful when you take her outside, she’ll run if she’s got the chance. She and Pee Pants get along pretty well, but she does like to try to dominate him, too much in my opinion.

It’s the cat thing that’s the real problem. The Cat is too freaked out to even come inside anymore. We have to be super strategic about bringing the cat in, putting her in a room, then bringing Fuzz Face out where she can’t see or hear the cat, otherwise all hell breaks loose. There have been whole days where I don’t even see the Cat and I have to assume that she’s found someplace warm and dry to sleep. It makes me worried and anxious to find a home for Fuzz Face as soon as possible.

Which is why we can only foster her and not adopt. Much as I’d love to have two dogs, I can’t deal with the chasing-cats thing. So if you know anyone that would love to give Fuzz Face a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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