five minute catch-up

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Jeez, I’ve missed it here. I have lots of important things to discuss, but today I will keep it light.

Numero Uno:

I finally finished the tattoo:


The photo is kind of crappy because it was taken from my phone but you can get the idea.

Secondly, I got two new ones:



000015 003


Again, the quality isn’t that great because they’re taken from my phone.

Thirdly, I got a new addition to the Fambly:

iPhone 122908 001

I haven’t yet figured out a good nickname yet, since I already have The Cat, so maybe this will be The Kitten. That brings the total menagerie count up to four – The Dog, The Bitch, The Cat and The Kitten. Oh, plus The Kid.

This is her favorite spot to sleep:


I will be getting two roommates in February – I’m very excited about that. It will make things a little easier here in the Casa de 2N.

And lastly, we have SNOW!


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