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interview with 2n…my 101st!

Okay, so this here is my 101st blog! Celebrating the 101st because, you know, everyone does the 100th. And plus, I forgot until after I had posted the shopping one, so 101st it is. So first on the agenda today, is I need to answer some most excellently insightful questions sent to me by Father Dabi. Here’s the deal.

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donshu tush me

As you know, it was Cinco De Mayo this weekend. As you probably guessed, I celebrated. Fun times. Any holiday that is celebrated by drinking large quantities of alcoholic beverages is my favorite. Friday night was absolutely, unequivocally the most fun we’ve had in a while. For the record: photo-booths are a super addition to

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on clumsiness and being a puppy at the park: a recap of the weekend

It finally happened. I fell down my own stairs. Let me give you some background. Remember in the blog I wrote about being a Sagittarius, I said I was clumsy? That’s not a joke, people. I am the running joke amongst the crew for my graceless escapades, however. I fall up stairs, I fall down stairs, I walk

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