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It’s been over a month since my last post, this is getting ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is that I was just re-reading what I’ve been writing lately, and I sound like a whiny little beeyotch most of the time.

I recently (today) sent someone the link to my blog, and just for fun I came here and re-read some of my stuff to see what kind of person I sounded like…you know, as if I didn’t know me and was reading all this stuff for the first time.

I am beginning to think giving out the blog link was a mistake.

Ah, oh well. What can you do? It’s me, right? That’s the whole reason I do it. As a healthy thirty-two-going-on-thirty-three year old woman, it’s probably no surprise to the readers I do have that I have had experiences much like anyone else, I’ve been in relationships and had my heart broken, had the odd attempted kidnapping or two, you know, your typical run-of-the-mill stuff.

So what is this if not an attempt to shine a better light on myself, make myself seem not quite so crazy and depressed as my last few posts would have it seem?

Maybe that’s exactly what it is.

Or maybe it’s just a reflection about how interesting (or scary) it can be to see yourself as a stranger might. I mean, living in my head every day, I seem pretty normal to me, but isn’t that pretty subjective? Aren’t we all pretty normal to ourselves?

Changing topics – just got back from LA last week, and heading there again on Sunday for another week. Which reminds me, I haven’t made reservations yet! Crap.

This last week in LA was exasperating. It’s always difficult when beginning a new project – you typically have a newly assembled team, you’re trying to see where everyone fits and what their contributions will be, and it makes it immeasurably harder when you can’t really stomach the people you have to work with.

It’s work and all that, not personal, but cheese and rice! I have a real winner on my hands this time. I typically like to come to work, get the job done, and go home. I don’t like office politics, or jockeying for position, or having to prove myself and my role on the team to yet another superstar who thinks they know everything and don’t see why they have to respond to my emails or phone calls with anything resembling respect or courtesy or even structured sentences.

This is going to be a blast, I can tell. Onward!

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