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Pretty much.

Do you ever wake up the next morning and start thinking about the night before…and then replay what you can remember over and over to try to take the sting out?

Yeah, that.

Not that I go and get drunk all the time, but there are times now and again where I happened to overindulge the night before, and the next morning…the replay of shame.

These nights bring to mind the following wonderfully apt image:


Now, I’m not saying that I get drunk-as-a-bitch every time, and honestly over the years I’ve come to recognize the mood that leads to such oversharing sessions before I even indulge (and then, yes, I do it anyway).

What leads me to do this? I don’t know. The love-of-everyone caused by a little vodka running through my system? The removal of my habitual real-life filter? Maybe I feel like the only time I can really open up and let loose is when I’m drinking…which is weird because I share a lot when I’m blogging, and 95% of the time I blog sober. Well, 85%. Okay 75%.

Be that as it may, let’s just say it’s because it’s what I do in my capacity as a Dirty Mouthy Hooker, long live the DMH.

PS: For those of you that are worried you’re subscribed to a complete alcoholic loony-toon, I promise I don’t drink as much as I let on. It just makes a (usually) funny and (at times) interesting topic.


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