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You guys.

It is soooooo much easier to write when your life is full of drama and angst.

As you know I’ve been moving all my old blogs into this blog from my old MySpaz account, and along the way I’ve been getting lost in previous posts…as happens any time I end up browsing my old stuff.

I notice that some of the stuff I think is the best is stuff I wrote quickly, in the grip of some crazy passionate emotion usually driven by some kind of melodrama…the stuff I wrote when quiet, calm and happy can, at times, be a little blah. Not lame or anything, but not necessarily full of excitement and fire.

All this is okay, I guess, but something I noticed is that the blogs written when all up in arms about something are more raw, more interesting, and more immediately recall some of those events to my mind when I re-read them. It seems like these would be more interesting to my readers as well.

The thing is, not every blog post can be laden with meaning or passion or rawness or else I (and you) would get exhausted! So that leaves me in a position of trying to find subjects that I can write about when not beset by craziness.

Lately I’ve been quite proud of myself for successfully getting back into the swing of things, blogging-wise. This scheduling thing is pretty damn sweet because I can write more than one in a day but schedule it out so that at least I’m posting something every day. Equally, I don’t piss all of you off by overtaking your readers with multiple posts in a single day. Maybe if my life gets overtaken by my own melodrama again, I’ll have something raw to vomit out there. We can hope. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the drama-free days while I have them.

In the meantime, I guess you’ll just get stuff like this. Because seriously, this was me today.

IMG_2670 IMG_2671

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