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what’s a hashtag, anyway?

Does anyone know if there is a Twittering For Dummies guide out there?

I just set up a Twitter account. This now means I can tweet and retweet stuff (not that I know what that is) and…the best part…virtually stalk all my favorite celebrities, companies, and PEOPLE! I can’t begin to tell you how exhilarated but at the same time completely confused I am.

even figured out how to add a widget and then stick it on the sidebar of my blog! See? See? See? Can you SEE IT? Can you say “dialed in”, people? I can.

The Running Green Girl and I had a discussion about Twitter via email today, and we’re both pretty much sure that while Twitter could possibly be the best thing since sliced bread, we’re not entirely certain what tweeting actually is…and if it can improve our blogs, then…just how does that happen, exactly?

Anyone that knows me knows about my habit of doing googles on anything I want to know about. Remember sunburned asses, anyone? Pigs in swimsuits? Yeah, that.

So, naturally, in my quest to discover how Twitter really can help improve my blog, I googled a bit. Luckily nothing R-Rated came back (not yet, anyway) and so I feel entirely comfortable sharing some of those results with you.

Here’s some helpful stuff I found (RGG, this is for you too):

  • WikiHow: How to Use Twitter. If you can get past what seems like a staggering number of advertisements crammed into a single page, this actually provided some helpful tips including pictures AND a link to how to use hashtags! And what they even mean.
  • WikiHow: How To Use Hashtags With Twitter. Or, for those of us old folks out there, How to Use a Pound Sign to Make Your Tweet Searchable.
  • For Dummies: Twitter Cheat-Sheet. There really is a Twitter For Dummies. They also have a Twitter account (@ForDummies) and if you click this link, it’s a search for twitter related topics on their website.
  • Mashable: Complete Guide to Twitter Etiquette. As if table manners weren’t enough to remember, there’s a whole other set of rules about social media, including ones specifically about Twitter. Although I do think that I write like Ernest Hemingway (or at least his drunk little sister) when I’ve been drinking, so I think I’m entitled to some drunked Twitters. Tweets?

I feel all extra informed this morning, IN ADDITION to feeling all dialed in and tech-savvy! Who knew I’d be so productive this Monday morning? Not me, my friends. Not me.

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