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yet more travel and karaoke-bar-freakouts

Another week of travel coming up for your beloved blogger The Unsinkable. This week it’s back to LA for a fun (or not) three-day series of meetings with developer-types and then a weekend of boating, drinking and fun with my LA besties! I shall endeavor both to not drop my phone in the water AND

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do I need a Person?

Anyone who watches Grey’s Anatomy knows what a Person is. For those that don’t, your Person is the one you call when everything is wrong, or right, or you just plain need someone to talk to. You can always count on your Person to welcome you even in the middle of the night and you

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on mussels and ball-peen hammers

So I feel the urge to be somewhat serious and thought provoking in light of the great blog I read today from my new myspace blogger friend. Will, I totally heart you. I would love to write as well as he, but alas: I am not the writer that he is. I’m not really up on current

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