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totally miscellaneous update (no but really)

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to the last couple days. You might be imagining all the amazing things I’ve been doing or exotic locations I’ve been visiting. You might be thinking that I’ve been spending my days shopping, getting suntans and pedicures, and in general living the life of luxury. Well, you’d

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macbook macbook macbook!

Here I sit, typing my first blog in what seems like ages, on my brand new MacBook.  I’m so excited! It’s my very first personal laptop ever – my other laptops have all been through work. I must say it’s a different experience all together from my pokey Dell computer from work. In other news, life

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so what’s up with you?

So here’s what I’m thinking you’re thinking… I have either been run over by the Jeep, rolled the Jeep over, had some other sort of accident involving the Jeep and having the top down in the freezing cold, fallen in a hole wherein there is no internet service and (even worse) no laptop, broken my

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