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for $5,000? i’m almost tempted…but then again, perhaps not.

You guys, seriously. Why do men think that random email come-ons actually work? WHY? I have no doubt I am merely the victim of a mass-mailing directed at any women showing as “online” at the time this asshat was sending his email, but I am still offended. The worst thing is, is that he lives

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shove your ice cream up your ass, and other literacy lessons

Two topics to this blog. I’m assuming that you would much prefer one blog chock full of amusing subjects as opposed to several single-topic ones, but if I’m wrong, please sue me, as I have lots of money. Firstly, and eminently most important, I need you to see why exactly Vilate has secured the position of My Myspace Fantasy

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fun with email: more trash talk

I’ve been on the receiving end of some truly inspiring emails today that I thought I would share. Names and identifying characteristics, facts, and details have been changed. Oh wait! There ARE no details or facts in any of these. Please note that I have kept all grammar, spelling, and punctuation intact.

5 things i hate about today: proving yet again I’m not as cool as I look

Team, today has been a effed up day. All since I got home and almost all directly attributable to myspace. I think I might be having a bad myspace day which sucks because I LIKE myspace but it doesn’t like me. At least not today. So: #1: I get this random email today from some

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