actually having a puppy in the park

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Good morning!

So apparently you all liked the drama-packed 100 Miles better than the mushy one, because I received exactly 1 comment (from my dear friend Vilate). This is why I don’t do mush, people. Seriously.

I took the Dog for a walk today, we went to the park.





I managed to fit it into the 30 minutes today that were not raining. I took pics. The Dog slobbered on my glasses. It was fun, but he seriously is going to be attending puppy pre-school. I am a little disenchanted with being hauled around like a rag doll every time he smells something interesting or wants to go slobber on someone. Which happens approximately every 17 seconds.


On the agenda for today for you, my lovely readers:

  • Another 100 Miles (minus so much mush)
  • A discourse on the 2N lexicon
  • The usual Sunday recap of the weekend

Hopefully I’ll be able to get all that done today. The 100 Miles for sure. Me & Vilate are considering holding a comment contest. Because we are such attention-whores, and salivate for all the validation we can get, we really really really like comments. One, because it shows us that people are actually reading and enjoying our stuff. They’re like fanmail. Two because it’s fun to read and respond to you guys because you’re almost as funny as we are! (haha). So please. Comment. Wildly and with abandon. And we’ll keep you posted on the contest.

I added a Blogalog link at the top of my blog page, so you can either entertain yourself by browsing the archives, or you can visit these fine blogs:

  • The one where Will celebrates his 100th Blog In a Spectacular Fashion (and mentions me! Which is not actually the only reason to read it.)
  • The famous webcam story of AQBA’s
  • This one of Russell’s made me think. And relate.
  • Tania’s rockin’ take on tattoos.

The blog of Tania’s made me remember that I haven’t posted a pic of the work I got done on mine, so here it is:


Okay that should keep you busy while I bust out the above blogs. Please feel free to comment or I shall be forced to stalk you, stab you, and stuff you in a mailbox. Thanks!

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