still sick, but getting better

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Whew! It’s just a bacterial infection. No parvo, no life threatening disease, just probably something he ate. I’m now extremely angry with him for freaking me out. He’s not totally back to normal, but he is feeling much better:

ROCK 016

Okay so it’s been two days with nothing fun, just sick dog stuff. I’m working from home today, as you can see:

ROCK 017

(isn’t that the loveliest picture you’ve EVER SEEN?!? As you can see, I have my Starbucks and both computers going (yes that IS myspace and an IM in the background), complete with bed-head and jammies still. I love working from home.)

However, when I’m done with that I shall return with more Tales From the Inbox, random thoughts, and other fun stuff. Thanks for reading even when it’s not funny stuff, and thanks to you guys for worrying about the Dog. It means a lot. Muah! 000_0305

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