how i fired….aw, never mind.

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Okay I’m still watching Robot Chicken. They did a spoof on the A-Team.

Can you beleive I only JUST figured out that “B.A.” stood for Bad Ass?

I am such a dick.

Okay, I was going to do a blog about the person I fired the other day. I had it all written out and everything, I was almost to the punchline. But, I’m a little worried that someone from my work might read it and then I might get in trouble.

This might be a little paranoid, I know this.

But did you know that the Drinkslinger got censored today? He posted a blog with commentary on an article he read about Bush’s speech about invading Lebanon.

We all know I’m not political and so I really don’t know much about the subject matter of the blog. But the point is, he wrote something that constituted his opinion on a political article he read, and his blog was yanked.

That has nothing to do with my firing blog, but all the same. That’s fucked.

I’m just sayin’.

Isn’t the point of blogging just to get your thoughts and ideas out there? Isn’t this a free country where it’s okay to disagree with your leadership if you so desire? Is this not supposed to be a place where you’re supposed to be able to speak your mind and people can agree or disagree as they desire, but the point being that you can speak your mind?

I’m just sayin’.

So instead, I just deleted my firing blog and I’ll just sit here and watch Robot Chicken and the segment on “The Lemming: Nature’s Retard”.

Or perhaps the one where a mutant Walt Disney snacks on small Cuban children.

Because that’s a lot less politically offensive.

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